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Fighting Cock Press is pleased to announce the publication of a new edition of Dancing Blues to Skylarks by Mary Sheepshanks

Price £7.50 /$11.95 (plus £1.00 towards postage and packing) ISBN 978-0-906744-40-6

Dancing Blues to Skylarks was Mary's fourth poetry collection, again with a cover by the well known artist Graham Rust. This revised edition includes poems that have appeared in 'Acumen', 'Envoi', 'The Countryman', 'The Lady', 'Pennine Platform', 'The Spectator', 'Yorkshire Journal',, and other journals.

"I respond immediately to Mary Sheepshanks' very human reactions. Her skilful poems spice sharp observation, sensuousness and painful subject matter with wit and humour." - Myra Schneider

To order contact Fighting Cock Press, c/o Pauline Kirk, 45, Middlethorpe Grove, York, YO24 1NA Email:

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Available from any good book shop or by post from Fighting Cock Press, 45, Middlethorpe Drive, York YO24 1NA

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