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Simon Currie

Simon Currie, has attended Pennine Poets workshops and events for twelve years. He has had poems in Pennine Platform until recently. A pamphlet in 2010, Imagine a Forest, and a collection in 2013, The Isle of Lewis Chessman, are published by smith/doorstop (The Poetry Business).

Selected Poems

Sailing On

Our century, just gone,
is now getting called
the last one.
It is slipping astern,
the tow-rope parted.

Towards the horizon
the imperial century
of Nelson, Victoria,
fades from vision,
a sail blurred at twilight,

and beyond, a shadow
rides in line, watched
only by stars, for Diderot
those points of light
but coalescing no longer.

Father-in-law, at eighty-four
beguiled to make the millennium,
is now left on a lee shore
marked for development,
his century gone before him.

Butcher's Boy

from up the coast
takes over a shop
in the nearby village.
Brawn-coloured, more
bullock stalled than Adonis,
he must spend evenings
carving chunks from himself,
cuts of loin and leg
that grow back overnight.

Sunday will give respite
and closing Wednesdays.
My turn now, squeamish.
Think what to avoid:
"Have you any spare ribs?",
"I'd like some of your tenderloin"
too near the bone.

His 'phone rings. I motion to him,
overhear that he is soon to wed.
So sweetbreads are off.
Will it get halted,
a wife put her hoof down?
Or might things escalate:
veal, with baby onions?
"Your bacon's good". He blushes
but liver's gone: that eagle.

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